Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Questions

So I totally stole this from my friend Donovan, who stole this from our other friend, Jules.Just a bunch of random questions. Come to think of it, that nigga Jules proabably stole it from CVibe Magazine, or the Source--whichever one of thiose magazines that had that corny ass cilum. Eh well, who cares. HEre goes:

-Do Black men really think it's okay to have more than one "baby mama"? I know a guys ( who is RIGHT) by the way), who just turned 27 last week, and has 3 children by four different women, and doesn't think that he has too many. Truly a tragedy. But he could still get the panties.

-What's up with homophobia in the Black community? I'm Christian, and a Sunday Schhol teacher, even, but when it REALLY boils down to it, why are you so concerned with who OTHER peopke sleep with? THat actually seems a bit more twisted than sleeping with somone of the same gender, in my opinion. In other words, DO YOU(and whoever else you want to)! If it truly is a sin, the LORD will be the one to determine that, and he will jude and deal with that. He is the only one concerned with whom your'e screwing, casue I sure as hell don't. I got a hard enough time trying to keep my damned self outa hell, knaemean?

-Is BET for real? Are they seriously trying to pass this shucking, jiving, and tomfoolery off on us? Do they think we are simply too stupid to reconize this ignorant programing?

-Why did HErbert( ole boy Iwith the 3 baby mamas who could get it any time he freakin' wanted it) tell me, and I quote, "You don't like BLack people". Is he serious? IS this how people se me? This man thinks I don't love my own people, simpky because I refuese to participate int he big mistrel show that is considered "Young Black America"? He thinks that I don't love my peopke because I desire to be educated? This man actually had the audacity to tell me that my not listening to rap, somehow takes away from my Blackeness. I said to him " I love my people. I just know who we are, an d i f more of us knew who we were, we wouldn't act like this., no, not all of us were kings and queesn, a lot of us were pesants, and hell some even slaves,. But we are strong. WE are inventors, philosphers, thinkers. WE invented civilazation.Not becasue we are supiror, but because we were the only ones on the planet for a time. EVerything comes from, and stems from us. THat is beautiful. We have done so much, that we will never be credited for, partly because of who we are, and a lot of people choose not to acknowledge tat, but mostly in part due to who wev'e allowe ourselves to become. We fell right into the trap that was ever so blatrntly set for us.Everything created for our demise, we have embraced, and made it our own, and somehow made it ;mainstream' and 'cool'. Pimps? Sure, pimps exsisted well before 50cent and Biship Don MAgic Juan, but it is my theory that with the creation of the Blacksplotation films of the 1970's(thagt were created for the WHITE audience--NOT US), that that somehow became cool, and intriguing.. Crack, we fell REALLY hard on that one. Around the time I was born (1984) and the years prior to that, we fell face first into that. Our families? Destroyed. Our finances? Over. Our education? Forget about it. Who needs education, when you can sel crack, and make money? I actually walked into a store the other day to purchase a cell phone, and I asked the guy how well the phone woked, and his reply was 'it's aaight, ecept it ain't got no cell phone, but other tjhan that, it's that CRACK."

Lawd Jesus, take me now. Oh, and YES, La Negra Linda really DID tell that man all that. You ain't finna sit up and tell me I don't love MY people. Nigga out his damn mind.

-What's up with dudes asking us for money? When that become cool? I must have missed the memo that being a bum is the hotness. That "crack:, if you will.

Does anybody still read Jet Magazine?

Does R. Kelly really have a song on that diaster he calls an albums talking about him not being able to answer the phone because hes's proabably busy having sex, or getting high? Isn't this man like 40 years old?

Will Black girls PLEASE stop wearing Apple Bottoms, and Baby Phat? THat shit is not cute.

-Oh and fells, while this may not be a question, but for those of you still rocking G-Unit, you need to go ahead and cut that shit out too.

-Does it really make sense to ride around in your car for 6 months with no insurance, so you can get rims> For your Monte Carlo? While you still livin' with your mama?

-On the contrary, aren't those guys with the Monte Carlos, do rags, and basketball shorts the business? I mean, does it really get any sexier than that?

-Can someone please explain this whole MOB(Money Over Bitches) theory? And why is it always the brokest Negroes with no jobs that have that mess tattooed on them?

-Is anybody Else in love with Pretty Ricky? I have BOTH albums, and continue to bump them like the shit isn't ignorant.

-Why is it that anyone that doesn't like Beyonce is a "hater" or jealous?

-When did it become cool to be a "Dope Boy"?

-What's up with Remy Ma's do?

-Isn't it time for television to come to an end?

-Why am I only creative at work? I'm super goofy and lazy at home.

-Why does every white man in my office hit on me?

-Why do white men everywhere hit on me everywhere?

-Am I wrong for not wanting to get married?


S.K. said...

Girl I would tell you take a deep breath after all those ??? and the mini black pride rant...but I have all the same question and that same mini rant except that mine includes you know "men who can't protect/respect their women and chilren will Never prosper." yeah girl.

I don't know some were along the way the negative stereotypes of black people took over. And those who opposed the stereotype oppose All Black People Every Where.

Coco LaRue said...

-"Why do white men everywhere hit on me everywhere?"

Because I'm not around.

-"Am I wrong for not wanting to get married?"

Am I wrong for wanting to marry more than one man?

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