Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hey Y'all!

Hey everybody! La Negra Linda is back for that ass. I'm soooo tired. All this posting has made me--what's that you say? I ain't posted in a month? Oh. Aaight. Nevermind then.

My mother has taken it upon her light skinded ass to take a Spanish class. You know what that means for MY pretty dark ass? That I gotta help--no I gotta DO her muthafuckin' homework. So I'm off to do that. I will post something tomorrow, PROMISE. You don't know how much I have to tell y'all. From reconciling with my best friend, to having 3 men propose to me, and tell me to have their damned child, starting a new job that pays more, where all these damn white folks is up my ass like a thong, to having one more (horrible) sexual encounter with the love of my life. Stay tuned bitches. Negra is comin.

Like a porn star.

Ya heard!

Promise I'll post tomorrow.

I have some funny stuff for Julia. I heart Julia. And Jess. And my boyfriend Coco. And Goldilocs. And Truth. And, who else I'm missin? Oh yea, Tanya. She thinks I don't love her. I does.

Okay. Seriously, I'll be back like herpes bitches.


jess said...

fuck, its about time, can you believe i actually sat there getting worried about your ass? poking my head all up in your myspace like, "anyone home?" i was gonna text julia but it woulda been wierd because i dont know you like that.

welcome back :)

hurry, hurry, jess needs the funny

S.K. said...

fcck effort!!
I haven't posted in like a month either.... oh well!!


goldiilocs said...

awww, i gots a shout out! i'm famous! LOL