Friday, March 9, 2007

For My Friend, Coco Part II (Kinda)

I have a new fascination for the southern rapper Lil' Keke. Black men are just so damn hot. Their skin....Ummmm, Black man's skin.

Don't you just love Black men's necks? Isn't that the sexiest thing ever?


Uh, yea, anyway, watch the video. Especially you, Coco.

Why is this turning into a damned message board for Coco LaRue? Y'all PLEASE post comments so I can have someone else to talk to. I swear this nigga has put roots on my ass to like him so much.


Truth said...

Gotta disagree on this one girl, he's all yours! Nigga ain't hot to me, not that I don't love some chocalate, but I got a bias against southern niggas; wierd cuz I am southern. I hate southern rap with a few exceptions, good lookin on the LB post btw. More tru-life randomness, yes I know I'm obsessed! lol! Check the man boobies. lol.

La Negra Linda said...

Truth, yes, I know the boy is ugly. There's just something about Black men. I dunno.

S.K. said...

LOL...Did you put up Paul Wall videi just for Coco?

Coco got that whip-a-peel!!!

Coco LaRue said...

Mmmmmm! I can't wait until the day that I am a resident of the Swishahouse! I love this man! He is so beautiful! Thanks for posting it.

And Li'l Keke is sort of cute, but I am all about some Paul Wall!